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Stuffed Foxes

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Shoegaze, Psych Rock



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Six 20 years old chaps who are floating in the psych/shoegaze where the noisy attacks are stretched until given up.
Give up expectations of normal and conventional. Sweet abandonment of the corporal envelope when emotions are “lost” between now here and nowhere on these rough rythms.

Six old friends, from childhood, and a code name (“stuffed foxes”) reminiscing acid trips.... A plausible explanation for the undercoats and the multitudinous gates each to a different world. But also for the melodies surrendering and softening in the echo before snapping right back in the (electrified) strings.

In 2019, their first Ep, No Vacancy, including a vinyl version. And already it’s obvious, dazzling, delusional music without a fear of the instrumental. If the (English) lyrics are scarce, it is to serve its musicality and allow to vibrate even more, as in their first LP Songs/Revolving.

An album written in 2020, produced, recorded and mixed in 2021 by Thomas Poli (Dominique A, Laëtitia Sheriff, Montgomery...) at Freedom studio in Rennes and mastered at Black Box studio in Angers by Peter Deimel (Shellac, Chokebore, H-Burns...) ; to finally be released by Yotanka (Puts Marie, BRNS, Ropoporose...) and Reverse Tapes together (Mystère, T.F.T., Opac..). We have seen worst names...

We can read : « Songs written to be played loud » in the back of the jacket. More than just a flashback to pure animal instinct, Stuffed Foxes’s dense, explosive but also well managed in terms of effects music is a calling for intensity.. intensity of the present moment coming together in harmony on stage. French rock has to expand its circle to make place for these young artists with a bright future ahead of them.

Their second album, called Songs/Motion Return, has been released in November 2022.

A few kind words (in french) :

« Un premier album très abouti. Chacune des sept compositions est construite avec soin, avec des variations de climats, des trouvailles de sons, des détails, une intensité qui tient en attention de bout en bout. » — Le Monde

« Le psychédélique français a de beaux jours devant lui. Ce premier album de rock anglophone fait plus que promettre : il assure ! » — Rolling Stone FR
« Une dinguerie Hard-Psych… » GONZAÏ

« Un album décapant et détonnant, ces renards empaillés débordent d’une énergie luxuriante » — Tsugi

« Révélation rock déjà annoncée de 2022 » MOWNO

Upcoming shows

19/03 - VILLAINES LES ROCHERS (FR) - Salle Polyvalente
23/03 - PARIS (FR) - La Boule Noire - First Draft x Stuffed Foxes
30/03 - JOUÉ LES TOURS (FR) - Le Temps Machine - RELEASE ! RANK-O + STUFFED FOXES — Mer. 30 mars 2022 — Le Temps Machine
08/04 - PAU (FR) - La Ferronnerie - Stuffed Foxes + Youff
14/04 - CHERBOURG (FR) - Le kraken Cherbourg
15/04 - SAINT AIGNAN (FR) - Rock Around The Cook
16/04 - BILLOM (FR) - La Perm - Ancien Collège de Billom
20/04 - BOURGES (FR) - Le Printemps de Bourges - Le Nadir - Concert // Burning heads + Johnny Mafia + We hate you please die + Stuffed Foxes
21/04 (FR) - REIGNIER ESERY - Le Poulpe
28/04 - METZ (FR) - Maison de L'Étudiant - Lorraine Nord
29/04 - CREIL (FR) - La Grange à Musique
07/05 - RENNES (FR) - Les Embellies Festival - Festival Les Embellies 2022 - GRIVE + STUFFED FOXES + BANTAM LYONS + DJ Marvina
13/05 - TALENCE (FR) - Rock & Chanson
10/06 - TOURS (FR) - Aucard De Tours

More TBA (If you’re in a hurry, most of the shows are up to date on their Facebook Page)

Like a Tempest.
Made in Brussels, Belgium.

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