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Scrimshire is the stage name of Adam Scrimshire, a British music producer, DJ, and musician known for his eclectic blend of jazz, soul, funk, and electronic music. With a career spanning over two decades, Scrimshire has established himself as a versatile and innovative producer, consistently pushing the boundaries of genre and style.

Adam was 14 when he started making music on an Amiga 500. Within a few years, he had self-recorded and released his first album. On leaving school, he came to London in the late 90s to study audio engineering. But it wasn't until 2006, after experimenting with different sounds and directions, that he signed to Wah Wah 45s as "Scrimshire".

His three albums on the imprint, Along Came the Devil One Night…, The Hollow and Bight were widely praised by Gilles Peterson (calling The Hollow one of his albums of the year in 2011), Huey Morgan, Nemone, and Don Letts. Tracks like Home and Convergent showcased his ability to seamlessly fuse live instrumentation with electronic beats, creating a soulful, dancefloor-friendly sound.

After a six-year hiatus from the Scrimshire project, he returned in 2019 with the album Listeners on his newly established Albert's Favourites label. Collaborations with Georgia Anne Muldrow, Emma-Jean Thackray, Madison McFerrin, and more were played on radio worldwide. The record was an Album of the Day on BBC Radio 6 Music.

In 2020, Scrimshire followed up with Believers Vol. 1, including songs written with long-time hero and influence Omar as well as K.O.G., Penya, and Tamar Collocutor. His sixth album, Nothing Feels Like Everything, was released in October 2021. Louder Than War called it a "technically flawless album. Every note transmits authenticity and warmth". Huey Morgan called it "an awesome album" on his BBC Radio 6 Music show. Journalist Joe Muggs referred to it as "a masterpiece".

In 2022, Scrimshire was named in the Guardian as one of three crucial soul music producers in the UK today, and Nothing Feels Like Everything was nominated for Album of the Year at Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards. A hugely loved EP of Autumnal influenced songs also appeared at the end of 2022.

In early 2023, Adam released his 7th studio album, Paroxysm, a solid and uncompromising protest record embracing jazz and electronics to push back against the corrupt and callous government in the UK.

Scrimshire's dedication to his craft and commitment to musical exploration has made him a respected figure in the global music community. His ability to bridge the gap between electronic and organic sounds and his talent for creating immersive and dynamic compositions have garnered him a loyal fan base and recognition from critics and fellow musicians.

Paroxysm: any sudden, uncontrollable outburst;
a fit of emotion or action;
paroxysms of rage;
a paroxysm of laughter;

The war unleashed a paroxysm of violence.

In the last few weeks of October 2022, Scrimshire wrote a new collection of songs with the descriptive working title Scream. This a direct response to the absurdity of the breakdown in the UK government, the horror of the treatment of refugees arriving on our shores and the callous disregard for the trauma being caused to low-income people or anyone considered "other". While self-preserving Conservative MPs fought for their jobs, energy companies announced record profits as crippling amounts of money were gouged from people's pockets. Angers, mourning, and frustration were poured into these recordings.

Press highlights

"One of those super hardworking, super talented people.
Just puts music out and just gets on with it."
Gilles Peterson

"More brilliant music from Scrimshire"
Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio 2

"As a producer, he excels at creating albums packed with soulful guest stars and fresh takes on the genre."
The Guardian

"One of the best producers in the UK"
Smoove & Turrell

“One of today’s most forward thinking producers”
Beat Caffeine

“It’s at this point that you realise the significance of Scrimshire’s ‘Paroxysm’…here we have an update, an extension of Sarathy Korwar’s ‘More Arriving’ or Kae Tempest’s ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’.”
Backseat Mafia

"Everything in the right place at the right time.
Sonically, it is his biggest album; the sound is big, the messages even bigger."
Louder Than War

Past press highlights

2021 - Nothing Feels Like Everything

Nominated for Album of the Year Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards

Named in The Guardian as one of
the three most significant soul producers
in the UK right now alongside Swindle and InFlo

“Awesome... His best yet.”
Huey Morgan, BBC Radio 6 Music

“A bona fide masterpiece”
Joe Muggs

“Humility and humanity shine through in every note, lyric and subtle piece of instrumentation. Just don’t underestimate the combined power of those subtleties.” Patrick Corcoran, Albumism

“Sits seamlessly within a lineage that stretches back through the luxurious,
string-laden future breaks of 4 Hero, Nuyorican Soul to Wanda Robinson,
Roy Ayers, Rotary Connection et al.”
Chris Sawle, Backseat Mafia

"An exhilarating experience for 2021. Nothing Feels Like Everything has the beats, 
poetry and vision to make it stand out in the crowd and continue to impress."
Concrete Islands

“By far, Scrimshire has produced one of the best albums of 2021”
Beat Caffeine

“A spiritual leaning, orchestral nu-jazz world in one of the most
positive meditations on the age of virus I’ve heard so far.”
The Slow Music Movement

“A technically flawless album, and whilst that description
can sometimes make the music seem cold this collection isn’t.
Every note transmits authenticity and warmth.
Expertly fusing jazz, soul and elements of folk,
with those perfectly conceived and executed collaborations,
Nothing Feels Like Everything should be on everyone’s list to check out. ”
Gordon Rutherford, Louder Than War

2020 - Believers Vol. 1

First single Anadwo (feat. K.O.G.)
playlisted by Radio Nova in France

Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio 6 Music

“Among the circumstantial dirt and viral grime an societal schisming of 2020 –
it’s like having your brain washed and massaged.”
Backseat Mafia

“One of the albums of the year.”
Louder Than War

2019 - Listeners

“Album of the Day”
BBC Radio 6 Music

“A huge talent”
Jamie Cullum, BBC Radio 6 Music

"A modern soul opus"
The Observer, New Review

“A remarkable and multi-faceted album”
The Vinyl Factory

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