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TON is a friend of


 The friends of Scivias are natural persons or structures who wish to support the platform with the desire to bring its values to life. Organisations that, for structural reasons, cannot become members (that cannot count on parity or put it into action) can be friends of Scivias.

Concretely, what does this mean for TON?

In the medium term, we will do everything possible to achieve parity within the administrative team.
This therefore includes the label, booking, mgmt and administrative aspects.
In other words, the whole structure.

The contract we signed with SCIVIAS is available here (french only).

Our environment must be inclusive.
More respectful towards women and any other minority.

TON is above all a musical project, agender, where music rules.
Our personal values are an integral part of our work.

Like a Tempest.
Made in Brussels, Belgium.

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