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We’re a record label & artist agency, based in Belgium.

We make noises. Rythms. Sounds.
Sometimes, we also put words on our sound waves.

We do not identify to any musical genre.
To be honest, we do not give a fuck about those.

Also, this is just a tiny manifesto.
A bunch of letters on your screen.

Want to take a listen to our music ? Go over there.

Want to book someone ? Need an EPK ?
Or anything else specific to one of our artists ?Send us an email to
booking/label/mgmt (choose the right one) [at] [the site url].

Want to work with us ?
Have a random question (about belgian politic) ?
Or just a need to tell us to go fuck ourselves ?You better get in touch with us then.

Eh, feeling adventurous ?
We also have a newsletter available here 🌈

Like a Tempest.
Made in Brussels, Belgium.

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