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ALEA(s) is an audiovisual collective based in Brussels. Born from the will to offer a unique live experience, they deliver boiling, improvised performances mixing live drawing, video animation and electronic music. Cathartic, dense, and immersive is the audiovisual experience that the band have been proposing since their conception in 2015.

The band is composed of FSTN (illustrations), Boris Wilmot’s (graphic motion designer) and Shakmat (electronic music). The trio strikes a stylistic balance in rhythm and deconstruction presented in the form of a live performance that has seen venues in Berlin, Paris, Brussels, and Montreal. Between Shakmat incessantly thumbing through parameters on his modular synthesizer and FSTN frantically digging, erasing, sometimes tearing into his paper brought together by Boris’s intense and cohesive visual sequencing, the three together make for as much of a performance in their process as their product. The group’s proposed aesthetic comes off as obscure and imposing, but pummeling nonetheless which is expressed through the physicality of its creators and their audience. With a string of international bookings already under their belt, ALEA(s) is only getting started.

Their latest EP, ol.l, has been released in 2023 on Tempest of Noise.  This new release features two remixes of Leese and 6SISS (R&S Records, amongst others).

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Like a Tempest.
Made in Brussels, Belgium.

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